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The Care You Deserve

At Oodle Family Medicine, the only people responsible for your health care are you and your doctor. Period.


At Oodle we remove the barriers to truly individualized primary and preventative care. We do this by working outside of the insurance industry, where profits are often prioritized over patients, and more than a dozen individuals with no relationship to you are weighing in on your care plans. This is called Direct Primary Care or DPC. Unlike traditional practices, DPC doctors are not buried under meaningless paperwork, or checking boxes on a computer screen, and have time to spend on your care. In removing this interference, we have returned Family Medicine to its root values of clinical excellence and compassion for patients. We promise to deliver unprecedented accessibility, convenience, and affordability.

Oodle Exam Room by_JennyJimenez.jpg

HOURS (approx)

Monday: 10a - 3p 

Tuesday: 10a - 3p

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 10a - 3p

Friday: 10a - 3p

Weekends: Closed

Additional Office Hours by Appointment

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